Welcome to the digital universe!

Are you bubbling with new ideas? Do you love leading brands and want to use your Performance and Data Analysis Know-How to produce something cool? Then you’d be a perfect fit for us! Here at Plan.Net, you’ll discover many entry-level opportunities, job offers and have the chance to start your career.

Our goals, our lifestyle.

Our mission is to build brand relevance and we live that mission daily in the House of Communication. The goal: to offer necessary direction to people trapped in a digital jungle of information. We create fascinating ideas that aim to touch the heart and offer technological solutions that make an impression on everyone.

We can’t do anything without our colleagues.

We believe it’s important to provide a good work environment and a creative atmosphere because only happy employees produce awesome work. Constant exchange and communicative networking are absolutely necessary for that. Without these things, the House of Communication wouldn’t exist. Every day, new creative ideas are born here. From GIF-Banners to 360º Campaigns.


We love innovation.

We’re constantly searching for new ways into the hearts of consumers. Technologically unique, with clever media and ever creative aspirations. Therefore, we’re looking for people who happily take on new tasks and challenges, search for new and innovate approaches to problem-solving and find them.

We offer you perspective.

Exciting projects and clients, as well as many new and unexpected challenges, are waiting for you here at Plan.Net. To help you tackle obstacles, we offer extensive continuing education and development possibilities. Has a great idea already been brewing in your head for a long time? You wouldn’t be the first to go from intern to executive here. So, where’s your place in our digital universe?

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