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Hamburg, November 7th 2016 — The new World Vision campaign demonstrates how easy it is to give children from Zimbabwe a hopeful future with the help of a sponsorship. The campaign was developed and implemented by the agencies Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg, Mediaplus and Plan.Net in the House of Communication in Hamburg.

The centerpiece of the spot is the seven-year-old Praise, who finally has time to go to school thanks to her German godmother, because she does not have to go to a water station every day - a trip that takes several hours. Now she has a chance for a better future - and a hope to become a teacher - her dream.
The creative team of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg met the girl personally on the set and experienced up close how much difference a small donation can make.

The commercial can be seen on the major private channels Pro7, Sat. 1, VOX, Kabel 1 and RTL and was aired also on worldvision.de and on social media.

Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg, Mediaplus and Plan.Net Hamburg are responsible for the brand and product communication of World Vision Deutschland e.V. since 2015.
Other agencies involved were Goldbach Interactive (Online Media) and Artus (Online).

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