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Banking as we live

The Idea

As the bank for traders, Cortal Consors has achieved everything that was possible in their niche market. Maintaining the planned growth path meant thinking on a larger scale and taking the next evolutionary step.

In the course of digital development and the associated shift in customers’ needs the online broker Cortal Consors set about realising a new vision: the introduction of a new form of digital full-service bank in Germany, including a name change to Consorsbank, a new brand look and the introduction of full-service bank products.

In order to retain the trader as the core target group and extend the customer base at the same time, Consorsbank adhered to its values: new, different, self-determining, but still Consorsbank. Always true to its promise of “empowerment for financial independence”.

Under the new claim "Banking as we live" the brand transfers the regulation and the implicitness of our digital everyday life of "sharing, voting, liking, always on" to banking, putting this principle in the spotlight of the communication.

The campaign depicts situations of our digital everyday life: authentic, playful and most of all tangible. By bringing self-determination and independence to life, the campaign speaks to current Consorsbank customers as well as the digitally savvy community – opening the brand for a broader target group: the generation of mobile doers who believe in co-determination.






Team Business Development

Team Business Development

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