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Data-driven marketing for Audible

The idea

With more than 250,000 titles available, the Amazon subsidiary with headquarters in Berlin is a leader in digital listening experiences.

The task: To increase brand recognition by twenty percent, intention to buy by ten percent and actual conversions to the Audible core product "Flexi Abo" subscription by thirty percent.

The solution: A comprehensive, integrated campaign. By implementing both a strategic media concept and an overarching big data strategy. The newly orchestrated media mix (TV and digital in addition to radio and OoH), which uses intelligent targeting to reach the target audience individually at all digital touchpoints, supported the Audible brand experience, the purchase options and the final push. The basis for this was a sub-target group analysis with psychographic profiling. In the next step, all communication and sales data was then integrated into a big data environment developed by us specifically for the company. As a result, the value of the measures deployed across all touchpoints could be analysed, evaluated, optimised in real time and concrete forecasts of future sales performance could even be predicted.

In addition, "lighthouse campaigns" were implemented for the promotion of important new releases, such as the new Harry Potter audiobooks or the bestselling Dan Brown thriller, "Origin".

The result: We not only achieved these tasks, but surpassed expectations: Unsupported brand recognition grew by 70 percent in the relevant target group and launched Audible towards becoming "most well-known audiobook brand". Intention to buy also grew by 29 percent and the newly completed "Flexi Abo" subscription by 35 percent.






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Team Business Development

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