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Deli Star
Audio Coffee

The Idea

Deli Star is a highly successful coffee shop franchise and one of the biggest importers of coffee in Germany. They asked us for an unusual promotion to offer an exceptional brand experience and attract new customers.
Deli Star coffee is not only delicious, but also keeps you alert. We wanted to give this experience to those who don't have a coffee at hand: with audio coffee, the first audible coffee. We were the first worldwide to use an innovative audio technique, which makes the listener alert with binaural beats. A difference of 15 Hz stimulates brainwaves and makes you feel more awake. We play one frequency in one ear and a different frequncy of 15 Hz in the other. We composed several audio coffee tracks with different musicians, which were played on radio stations at night, distributed CDs in coffee shops, and also made it avaiable to download. After only a couple of days the CDs were sold out and the promotion was highly acclaimed through special interest blogs and other online media.


Deli Star


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