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Passengers on Tour

The Idea

The brief was to grip the target group for 14 days with a worldwide online promotion that increases familiarity with the Lufthansa portfolio and generates lasting interest in Lufthansa as a carrier.

The idea: The “Passengers on tour” competition with universally popular hidden object cartoons. On a microsite the focus was on 14 Lufthansa destinations with exciting situations, each created by artists from the respective countries.

The promotion kicked off with a real-life hidden object scene that was also filmed: Facebook Fans were invited to Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle market to look for a Lufthansa passenger LIVE. A secondary benefit was that this action video publicised the online competition.

The solution: Every day a new Lufthansa passenger could be found in a new hidden object cartoon. As a captivating way of integrating Lufthansa products and services, the passenger always appeared in a context that reflected a specific Lufthansa offer and served as a teaser for lufthansa.com.

The idea was certainly a resounding success – the action attracted 433,000 participants and generated over six million clicks. Also of great value are the around 70,000 interested individuals who have registered for the Lufthansa newsletter via the microsite.




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