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Maximal G. Campaign Launch

The Idea

MAXIMAL G is the energy drink created by the REWE Group especially for millennials and perfectly matches their lifestyle: ‘Higher, faster and farther’ always online and always on the move.
With the new, international campaign, we generate awareness of Maximal G and create an independent brand universe for the energy drink. This is why it is as extraordinary and amazing as the target group it addresses.
The core element of the communication activities is the slogan ‘Be maximal’. All campaign visuals focus on the product and the headlines built from the product name (e.g. ‘Maximal groovy’, ‘Maximal glitter’). To capture the young target group in their own universe, the content is primarily aired online and with promotion activities. Visitors to the dedicated product website, (www.maximalg.com) can view a vivid and dynamic portrait of the ‘maximal generation’ in the online film produced by Serviceplan Campaign and Plan.Net Campaign.
Online and mobile banners on platforms such as Spotify and Shazam and in various apps are used alongside POS (ceiling danglers, wobblers, print ads) and out-of-home advertising media (billboards/megaposters and special displays).


Maximal G (REWE Group)




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Team Business Development

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