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Miles & More
Shake it or take it

The Idea

Miles & More is widely known as the frequent traveller programme by Lufthansa. However, only a few know all the benefits the programme has to offer in- and outside the world of flying. The task was to give an impression of the entire programme by means of a Christmas promotion – comprising all awards and opportunities that participants have to earn miles.

Our solution: the Xmas-Shaker. In this simple mobile app customers could win one of 169,000 presents from the world of Miles & More and its partners every day – just by shaking their mobile device. For each present they could either decide to keep it by clicking on ‘Take it’ – or to take the risk and try again by clicking on ‘Shake it’. With a bit of luck, they got a new prize. But if they were unlucky, they got no prize at all. That way we could thrill the target group and keep them shaking for 24 days until Christmas. But more importantly, we familiarised our customers with the large variety of partners and opportunities that the Miles & More frequent traveller programme offers.

In December 2015 the Xmas-Shaker app has been launched for the second time. But already in 2014 it went beyond expectations: in the course of only 24 days the app was downloaded more than 88,000 times. More than 30,000 participants have been playing the game for the entire period until it was closed. Within the second week already, it had made the top 10 of the most frequently downloaded iPhone apps, together with long runners like Facebook and WhatsApp.






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