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Everyone wants Tech-Nick

The Idea

The Christmas season campaign is the most important for Saturn and the highlight of its business year. Sales in this quarter ensure the company's success and are therefore essential for Saturn. With an on-air running time of over ten weeks via all channels, it also serves as a way of measuring the company's current position and a powerful way of establishing new themes with customers. The goal is to use the campaign to offer clear added value for shopping at Saturn.
On 16/10/2013 the new Saturn brand communication and Tech-Nick testimonial were established.  
Since then everyone has been talking about Tech-Nick. The press went crazy for him. He appeared in the German TV shows "Tatort" and "Ein Fall für Zwei", at celebrity events and in a host of publications including Bild, Bunte and Gala. Tech-Nick was also to be found all over the place in Saturn stores and online channels.
And the consumer turns to Tech-Nick for: Best advice! Best service! Best technology! And the best price! In no time at all he became an exceptionally popular figure and the new darling of advertising. The new season's campaign draws on this wave of affection, with the simple slogan: "EVERYONE WANTS TECH-NICK!"






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