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Saturn Tech-Talk

The Idea

Innovative ways in advertising – that is what we stand for. Therefore, the new season campaign for Saturn is not just a few weeks on the air, but 365 days. On saturn.de/techtalk the likeable Saturn employee “Tech-Nick” answers the most important questions around the topic of technology. For a year. Every day. “Tech-Nick” is played by the German actor Antoine Monot, Jr. and is nationwide established as character of Saturn. Guaranteed to bring variety,  the technology lover deals with bailouts for overflowing phones, shows cool Life-Hacks or explains specific terms in his own way. As well as that he introduces new-releases, compares different products and gives many practical technical tips for devices that everyone has at home.

The well-known campaign slogan "Bei Technikfragen – Tech-Nick frage” (“For technology issues – ask Tech-Nick”) is recharged and supplements an “always-on” component for the tech-savvy audience in addition to the classic campaign. Inspiration for the elaborately produced Tech Talk were questions of customers in Saturn stores, trends from the Web as well as exhibition and product innovations. The goal: offering customers every day an added value in the strategic communication of Saturn.



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