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UNO Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.

The Idea

Today, there are more refugees than ever before. That’s why it’s essential that people that have everything and sleep in their own beds every night give a little for those, who don’t even have a place to sleep

Our goal was to develope an entirely unseen way to make the UNO Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. (German partner of the UN Refugee Agency) more popular – especially among younger people –  and discover a more easy, fun way to collect money for this cause. On top of that, we also had to differ and distinguish our client from all the other organisations fighting for support.

That’s why, together with our partner o2, we developed the alarm app #dreamon, which donates 10 US-Cent every time you snooze. The so-called dreamed money is directly deducted and forwarded to our client. Users can share their donation via facebook and twitter and get their friends to dream for a better world, too.


UNO Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.

Non-profit Organisation



Team Business Development

Team Business Development

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