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World Press Photo Speaking Images

The Idea

Since 1955, the World Press Photo Awards has honoured the world´s best photojournalism. Thanks to these pictures, we’ve captured some of the most important moments happening all over the world. But we could only catch the impressive moments, not the full stories. That´s why World Press Photo started a unique project: 2015 World Press Photo Speaking Images - the first book, where every single photo will be able to literally speak.

Through an innovative and patented print process, developed in the last 7 years in conjunction with the Chemnitz University of Technology, each printed image is also a fully printed loudspeaker. As soon as the page is turned, a sound is emitted by the loudspeaker, which covers the entire surface. The sound stops when turning to the next page. Each image tells the observer its own unique story, provides background information, evokes emotion with authentic sounds and creates an unexpected immersive sensory experience, drawing a stronger connection between the audience and the photos. This new technology was publicly released at the 2015 World Press Photo Awards Ceremony.

With more than 300 Articles within the first five days and a reach of 16 million people in unpaid media - the World Press Photo Speaking Images attracted high attention – including well-known publications such as Focus, Bild, mdr, RTL Aktuell, Wired, Page and Wissenschaft24 – since it did not only show the best images of the year, but also the stories behind them in a never-before-seen-and-heard way. Plus, the idea contributed to the development of a new technology, which is the next step in the history of print technique.


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