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Online Display Murder Mystery

The Idea

The ZDF Online Display Murder Mystery, the first retargeting campaign to track users down through the internet.

The problem: ZDF’s murder mystery formats are guaranteed to pull in viewers but younger people in the 20-30 target group are watching less and less TV – they’d rather surf the net.

The idea: We‘d generate more suspense online and create a gripping crime thriller in online banners.

Implementation: We used cookies in an entirely new way – users didn’t have to click their way through to the next clue, instead we tracked them down for one week through smart retargeting on the biggest German websites. Then it was a matter of following up clues, gathering evidence, tracking down witnesses, breaking mobile phone codes and eventually solving the case. In this way we combined a gripping murder mystery with smart retargeting.

The outcome: over the week the interaction rate increased from 43% to 80% and dwell time grew from 1.23 minutes to over 4.5 minutes.

In just seven days we generated enthusiasm for crime thrillers among the young target group and established ZDF as a cutting-edge broadcaster.

One death, seven days, millions of police inspectors – the ZDF banner murder mystery.






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