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PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign are inviting Christian Ulmen to step up to the plate again and take the lead once more in the successful "Wir machen Grillparty" (Let's barbecue) campaign. The campaign involves five webisodes in which everything again revolves around the main character "Angrill-Andi” as he sets out this time to make a good impression on his future in-laws but finds himself trapped in a time loop. The first part of the series can be viewed straightaway at penny.de/grillparty, while the remaining episodes will be released weekly from now on.

Munich, May 18th 2017 — PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign are gearing up for the barbecue season with their "Wir machen Grillparty" (Let's barbecue) campaign as they launch five new webisodes of the hit series with actor Christian Ulmen. The character "Angrill-Andi" once more plays the lead role in the new series, which will be released weekly from now on at penny.de/grillparty. Things have changed somewhat for Andi since last year however. Andi now has a girlfriend and is planning to get to know her parents at an informal barbecue. However, Andi's neighbour, grandfather and brother – likewise all played by Christian Ulmen – wreak havoc at the get-together. Fans of the series can also look forward to two further episodes, which will follow in summer.

"Christian Ulmen is a true stroke of luck for us as a testimonial. With more than seven million views, 'Wir machen Grillparty' (Let's barbecue) has been one of our most successful social media campaigns to date. We are delighted to continue this series and hope to build on the success from 2016", says Marcus Haus, Division Manager PENNY Marketing.

The storyline was developed by PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign together with Christian Ulmen himself as well as author Johannes Boss and duo Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert, who also directed. The script is merely a sub-plot, with the actors being given the freedom to improvise.

"The campaign again picks up on themes such as togetherness and sense of neighbourhood in an unconventional and very humorous way and thus enhances the self-perception of PENNY as a good neighbour for the customer. With Christian Ulmen displaying his full theatrical talent during filming, we have once more succeeded in creating an exceptional campaign for PENNY, and one in which we take great pride", adds Michael Jaeger, Managing Director Consulting at Serviceplan Campaign.

The videos were produced by it’s us in collaboration with Nevererst, while digital conversion was handled by Plan.Net Campaign. Photography was by Ralf Gellert.


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