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Plan.Net Italia has acquired an interest in Develon Digital with the aim of offering a wider range of digital strategy and creation services. Develon Digital is a digital agency in the Develon Group. Based in Vicenza, it has 50 employees and is managed by the founder Lorenzo Gottin and the Managing Director Michele Lorenzi.

Milan/Vicenza, April 20th 2017 — All set for growth: in order to offer a wider range of services, primarily in the areas of digital strategy development and creation, Plan.Net Italia has acquired an interest in Develon Digital. Develon Digital is a company in the Develon Group whose workforce has grown from 8 to 50 over the last 15 years. It develops website strategies, apps, e-commerce solutions and digital retail marketing. By opening up their company to participation and working closely with the Serviceplan Group, which is Europe's largest owner-managed agency with more than 35 locations worldwide, Lorenzo Gottin, founder of Develon Digital, and Managing Director Michele Lorenzi will be able to support their customers around the world better and offer them the international service they require.

The aim of both agencies is to build on the digital and international service areas of a shared customer base including companies such as Crédit Agricole, B&B, Burger King and Ducati. Over the next three years, furthermore, their partnership is expected to create a centre of excellence for digital marketing in Italy that will use technology and data intelligence to support strategic communication.

"Innovation today means offering services and products based on sound knowledge of consumer behaviour. Excellent technological expertise and data-driven insight are essential for successful digital marketing that will improve our customers' sales figures," says Sara Baroni, Managing Director at Plan.Net Italia.

"Plan.Net's purchase of shares in Develon is an important step forward for the whole of the House of Communication and I am delighted that we have taken that step," adds Giovanni Ghelardi, Managing Director of Serviceplan Italia. "Today, strong expertise in the digital area means not only understanding digital marketing and communication methods but also using technology, data and insight into the whole communication process to enhance the impact of a brand. Thanks to Develon we are now in a better position to face the challenges of a market which is constantly developing. We can offer strategy, corporate identity, creativity, data, media, digital expertise and production from a single source in order to pursue a shared goal: to raise brand values and improve the sales of the companies that choose us."

Picture: Sara Baroni, Managing Director Plan.Net Italia, and Michele Lorenzi, Managing Director Develon Digital


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