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Plan.Net Russia

Plan.net Russia Digital at Heart

Plan.Net Russia is a part of Serviceplan Group, one of the largest advertising agency groups in Europe. Our services are grouped around 4 major directions: strategy, activation, content, performance. Here at Plan.Net, Digital at heart is not just a saying, but an accurate description of our philosophy, vision, our way of life.

Plan.Net has mastered all the tools to connect and interact with prospective consumers in the digital environment and track efficiency of these actions. We offer integrated digital campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, website and apps building services, UI/UX design, mobile marketing, contextual advertising. Utilising the latest technology, Plan.Net team works with digital media, analytics and CRM, and offers support of mobile devices and electronic payment systems, search engine optimisation and enhanced website navigation. We live and breathe digital marketing, which helps us find the fastest ways to achieve brand’s goals.

Benefits for your brand

Plan.Net offers modern solutions with clear efficiency tracking. We use creative approach to deliver your message to the right people at the right time.

We create memorable content with high potential of going viral. Well-targeted content builds loyal follower base, creates right brand image and helps form long-term relationships with current and prospective consumers.

We build marketing strategies based on existing data and research. Through thorough analysis of the market and target audience, we determine most relevant channels to disseminate the message from social media to integrated campaigns with thought leaders and influencers.

At Plan.Net Russia we:

  • Create digital campaigns based on facts, rather than educated guesses
  • Have access to international experience and ServicePlan HQ capacities
  • Offer marketing solutions based to meet specific business goals
  • Are open to match style, voice and resources of the brand

Our experience and technological resources allow us to meet even the most ambitious business goals in a fast, effective and creative manner.


Full or partial marketing strategy development

  • Competitor analysis 
  • Digital-media strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • SM strategy
  • Consumer insights


Execution of digital and integrated campaigns from start to finish

  • Building creative strategy 
  • Establishing consumer journey and internal eco-systems
  • Determining campaign goals and KPI
  • Work with key channels and tools: social media, bloggers, influencers, digital media


All types of digital materials matching your brand’s style and tone

  • Websites
  • Digital advertising materials (banners, landing pages, newsletters)
  • Content (articles, infographics, video, animation, cinemagraphs)


Cost-effective methods to reach target audience

  • PPC-advertising in search engines, apps, social media, chat messengers
  • Remarketing and optimisation of existing campaigns
  • Programmatic buying
  • Native advertising
  • Creative advertising projects, including custom API, apps and other IT solutions


Artem Polansky
Marketing manager with 10 years of experience behind his back, Artem is responsible for digital-strategy and performance marketing. He specialises in retention-campaigns and complex IT products.
“I insist on the combination of creativity and affordable tech, because it helps provide the most competitive solutions for brands”


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